VeritasAdvantage Partners With ShareCor/Louisiana Hospital Association

LAKE CHARLES, La., April 2, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — VeritasAdvantage™ announced today that they had formally partnered with ShareCor, the Louisiana Hospital Association’s jointly-owned shared services corporation to market the VeritasAdvantage™ application to its membership Statewide.

Founded by a Louisiana native and based in Lake Charles, LA, VeritasAdvantage™ is a revolutionary cloud-based application designed to transform the way hospitals purchase medical supplies and devices. Free to hospitals and surgery centers, the VeritasAdvantage™ application affords its members real-time access to the collective buying experience of the entire membership with a single click. The system electronically connects member hospitals and ambulatory surgery centers to the Veritas database of over $17.5 billion dollars worth of hospital purchase order records. Member access to the database affords them the ability to quickly identify pricing disparities for identical medical devices and negotiate with their vendors in real time.

The company reports that the ShareCor / Louisiana Hospital Association partnership and similar partnerships around the country like it, will assist them in their mission to develop a modern, healthcare marketplace built around connectivity and pricing transparency as a means of bolstering hospital profitability and sustainability.

Media Contact:
Ken T. Husted, Chief Operating Officer
Office: 337-602-6092
Toll-Free: 833-416-4218 ext. 5

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