Healcerion Announces the Launch of their New Physical Therapist Division and the Sonon Wireless Ultrasound Device

The Compact and Hand-Held Ultrasound Device Weighs Less than One Pound and Can Be Used in Medical Clinics of All Sizes

ROSEVILLE, CA / ACCESSWIRE / April 11, 2019 / The founders of Healcerion are pleased to announce the launch of their new Physical Therapist (PT) division that will better serve the PT market with their diagnostic ultrasound needs. As part of the new PT division, Healcerion has relaunched the Sonon wireless ultrasound products specifically for PT applications.

To learn more about the lightweight, portable Sonon 300L ultrasound device and its many benefits, please visit https://healcerionpt.com/handheld-ultrasound/.

A company spokesperson noted that patients with musculoskeletal pain will sometimes wait an extended period of time for the correct diagnosis. The patient will then undergo physical therapy. The effectiveness of the therapy will depend on the correct diagnosis of the problem and the right course of treatment. Imaging ultrasound in the PT’s hands allow the visualization of the muscle and joint problem to confirm or alter the diagnosis. Ultrasound can be used to monitor the effectiveness of the physical therapy by seeing the muscle or part being treated.

In addition, the spokesperson added, conventional ultrasound equipment is often large and bulky, non-mobile, challenging to use and expensive. Because of these issues, diagnostic ultrasound has not been used commonly by physical therapists in their clinics. This knowledge inspired Healcerion to create and launch the PT division, to better support the uses of imaging ultrasound for PTs. This imaging tool in turn will reduce patient waiting time, and help accelerate a PT’s accurate assessment towards the proper course of treatment for the patient.

“The Sonon wireless ultrasound allows you to see in real time, the exact area that requires treatment, and the effect of the therapy,” the spokesperson noted, adding that the Sonon wireless device offers high quality ultrasound imaging, portability, ease of use, and iOS and Android mobile device connectivity through Wi-Fi.

As it notes on Healcerion’s Facebook page, Sonon is easy to sync to portable tablets using the user-friendly app. Setting up the smartphone ultrasound simply involves downloading the app, following the instructions to get started and then scanning. The Sonon app is free with no subscription fees.

About Healcerion:

The Sonon ultrasound by Healcerion offers a mobile-based ultrasound system that is specifically designed to provide physicians, PTs and patients with flexibility and portability. Healcerion now has a Physical Therapy division to meet the growing needs of their clients and assist them in providing better care to their patients. For more information, please visit https://healcerionpt.com/.

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