Gestalt Diagnostics to Participate in Panel Discussion on Digital Pathology During the 2019 Executive War College

SPOKANE, Wash., April 17, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Gestalt Diagnostics’ COO and Chief Strategy Officer, Lisa-Jean Clifford joins panelists Chad Meyers from SunQuest and Dr. Anil Parwani from Ohio State University to discuss the future of digital pathology. The discussion, entitled, “Is Digital Pathology Poised to Go Prime Time? What All Pathology Groups Need to Know about What’s Ready, What’s Coming, and How the Pathologist’s Daily Routine Will Evolve” is led by CAP Today’s Bob McGonnagle.

“Today, there are hundreds of millions of dollars being invested in developing digital pathology systems and artificial intelligence products designed to help pathologists interpret digital pathology images more accurately,” stated Robert L. Michel, Executive Director of the Executive War College. “This is happening because the barriers to wider use of digital pathology are falling fast. This is why we have invited national experts in digital pathology to lead sessions at this year’s conference. This is essential information for the pathologist-business leaders and practice administrators of pathology groups throughout the nation because their groups will soon find themselves competing for case referrals against pathology labs using digital pathology and advanced pathology informatics in ways that deliver value to oncologists, urologists, and other specialist physicians.”

This insightful and timely discussion will take place during this year’s Executive War College on Tuesday, April 30th at 3:45pm.  

I am excited to participate in this discussion,” said Lisa-Jean Clifford, Gestalt COO & Chief Strategy Officer. “The topic of digital pathology has evolved from being a tremendous concept to an essential technological and business strategy that provides substantial advantages to pathologists, labs, healthcare facilities and their patients.”

Digital pathology, image analysis and Artificial Intelligence are all opening the doors to possibilities  we haven’t seen before in healthcare technology. It all begins with, and is contingent upon, digital.  Without digital pathology, WSI, discreet and intelligent data collection, all key components of a digital pathology solution – then none of these would be possible.   

About Gestalt Diagnostics 

Gestalt Diagnostics is a private, profit-driven software company who provides technology solutions, technical and integration services and support to pathology laboratories.  Gestalt has developed PathFlow, an enterprise software platform specifically designed to bring the benefits of digital workflow to pathologists and pathology laboratories. This product was originally developed, by what is now Gestalt’s team, to support a fully digital reading platform for radiology. The radiology platform is used in leading hospitals across the United States and supports more than 15 million studies annually.  Gestalt has expanded and redesigned this proven, robust solution to work in the laboratory space – engineered for the unique needs and workflow of pathologists.   



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