Armonica Technologies to Present at the Upcoming 2019 EIPBN Conference

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M., April 30, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Armonica Technologies, Inc, an Albuquerque, NM-based company focused on developing a proprietary long-read DNA sequencing technology (the “Company”), announces that it will be presenting two papers at the upcoming 2019 Electron, Ion, and Photon Beam Technology and Nanofabrication International Conference (EIPBN). The EIPBN Conference is recognized as the foremost international meeting dedicated to lithographic science and technology and its application to micro and nanofabrication techniques. The conference brings together engineers and scientists from industries and universities all over the world to discuss recent progress and future trends.

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“I am very pleased that our team has been selected to give two scientific presentations at the 63rd International EIPBN Conference,” stated Scott Goldman, President & CEO of Armonica Technologies.  “EIPBN abstracts are peer reviewed; being accepted to present at EIPBN is an honor and is indicative of the cutting edge development created by our team.  We look forward to sharing these exciting results during the presentation sessions,” continued Goldman.

Details of the presentations are noted below: 
EIPBN Meeting, May 28-31, 2019, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Presentation Titles:

Motion of dsDNA in a coupled nanochannel/nanopore system under an electric field
Yulia Kuznetsova, Alexander Neumann, Olga Amosova, Xin Jin and S.R.J. Brueck

Abstract Summary: DNA behavior in a nanochannel chip with a porous roof and barriers along the channels under the influence of an electric field is investigated. DNA crosses the barriers by penetrating through the tortuous nanopores to the roof and then back into the channels as a result of the very thin layer of water atop the barriers. The coupled nanochannel/nanopore system significantly slows the DNA translocation, an important result for sequencing applications.

Preparation and behavior of ssDNA in porous roof nanochannels
Anu Suryanarayana, Olga Amosova, Yuliya Kuznetsova, Alexander Neumann, Xin Jin and S.R.J. Brueck

Abstract Summary: While there is a large body of research describing and analyzing double-stranded (ds) DNA behavior in nanochannels, surprisingly little has been reported on long, single-stranded (ss) DNA molecules. Here, experiments are presented demonstrating several approaches to introducing long ssDNA molecules into nanochannels, and monitoring the dynamics of ssDNA behavior in the nanochannels.


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Armonica Technologies, Inc is an Albuquerque, NM-based company focused on building its proprietary long-read DNA sequencing technology. The Company’s mission is to become the gold standard of DNA sequencing for precision medicine research applications. Learn more at


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