EarPeace Celebrates Better Hearing Month, Announces One-for-One Partnerships With Movement and Berklee College Of Music

BOSTON and DETROIT, May 1, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Hearing loss is now the third most common health problem in the United States – perhaps more concerning, an estimated 33% of new cases are due to exposure to loud noise. This May, for Better Hearing Month, EarPeace, the American Academy of Audiology, Movement, and the Berklee College of Music are encouraging Americans to preserve their hearing by wearing hearing protection when it gets loud.

“Noise-induced hearing loss is generally caused by damage to the outer hair cells in our inner ear structures. These small sensory cells brilliantly convert acoustic energy into electrical signals interpreted as sound in the brain. Once damaged, these delicate, but vital, tissues for hearing, cannot regrow. The result is typically permanent hearing loss, and the consequences can impact many aspects of healthy living,” explains Dr. Christopher Schweitzer, Executive Director of HEAR-4U International.

“As part of Better Hearing Month, we’re encouraging consumers to be more aware of their hearing health,” said Jay Clark, CEO of EarPeace. “It doesn’t take much to cause irreparable hearing damage, so we’re working with our partners to raise awareness and let everyone know that there are excellent and affordable options to help prevent noise related hearing loss.”

Hearing conservation is particularly essential for performing arts students, which is why Berklee College of Music is making it a priority to encourage behaviors that protect their students’ ears. In addition to free hearing screenings in partnership with clinical audiologists from Massachusetts Eye and Ear, Berklee’s hearing health initiative also supplies students with EarPeace high fidelity earplugs, access to decibel meter apps, resources for hearing loss treatment, and a poster campaign with hearing health science and facts. EarPeace ear plugs are also available for students and alumni to purchase on campus at the Berklee College of Music bookstore.

“We’re incredibly grateful to EarPeace for their tremendous assistance in educating our community members about the importance of persevering their hearing,” said Leah Driscoll ’03, Director of Health and Wellness Programs at Berklee. “Students having access to high fidelity earplugs that offer much more protection and comfort than the standard foam plug means our students are much more likely to use them.”

In an effort to raise public awareness for the growing number of young Americans suffering from hearing loss, EarPeace is celebrating Better Hearing Month by donating a free pair of ear plugs for every EarPeace sold during the month of May. “It’s the least that can be done to curtail the dramatic rise in hearing loss in younger populations,” said Jason Huvaere, President at Paxahau, producers of Movement Music Festival in Detroit, MI. “We’ve been working with EarPeace for three years now and we are very impressed with the quality and design of their earplugs. EarPeace is a must-have accessory for any music fan who loves getting close to the action.”

For more information or to partner with EarPeace, please email hello@earpeace.com.

About EarPeace
EarPeace is widely recognized as the leading brand of high fidelity hearing protection for live entertainment – providing exceptional sound clarity and long lasting comfort. EarPeace’s patent-pending low-profile design is discreet and comes with multiple acoustic filters so you can choose the right noise reduction for your specific environment. EarPeace improves any loud experience and greatly reduces associated risks to hearing health. Additional models for motorsports, safety and sleeping are also available. To learn more or to purchase EarPeace please visit earpeace.com or Amazon.com.

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