Scientific Advisory Board Announced for DELopen to Guide the Open Access DNA Encoded Library Interchange

SHANGHAI and BOSTON, May 6, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — DELopen, a new platform dedicated to the hit generation of drug discovery of DNA Encoded Library (DEL) Technology, has announced the formation of its Scientific Advisory Board.

The board, chaired by Dr. Richard Lerner, Institute Professor of Scripps Research, and composed of diverse members from prestigious research institutions and industry globally, will set the direction and guide the development of DELopen in its vision to advance the adoption of DNA encoded library technology in new drug discovery.

Initiated through a partnership between WuXi AppTec. and leading academic and research institutions, the goal of the platform is to provide open access to DEL libraries for new drug discovery projects to a broader range of users than ever before. On the DELopen platform, providers offer access to their libraries, while users can access the libraries and build relationships with a variety of library and service providers.

Dr. Lerner stated, “We aim to be a bridge between academia and industry and jointly promote the application of DEL technology in the field of new drug discovery.”

Developed using block chain technology, DELopen offers maximum IP protection for users who utilize the power of the online platform. “We envision the new platform will unlock the true potential of DEL technology,” said board member Dr. Richard Soll of WuXi AppTec, “while simultaneously providing full protection of intellectual property for both user and technology provider.”

In addition to Chairman Dr. Lerner, the committee consists of the following other esteemed members: Phil Baran, Ph.D. of Scripps Research; Carolyn Bertozzi, Ph.D. of Stanford University; Professor Raymond A. Dwek, CBE, FRS of the University of Oxford; Martin Friedlander, M.D. Ph.D. of Scripps Research; Michael Kaplitt, M.D, Ph.D of Weill Cornell Medical College; Roger Kornberg, Ph.D. of Stanford University School of Medicine; Casey Krusemark, Ph.D. of Purdue University College of Pharmacy; David R. Liu, Ph.D. of the Broad Institute of Harvard & MIT; Alan Saghatelian, Ph.D. of Salk Institute for Biological Studies; Barry Sharpless, Ph.D. of Scripps Research; Richard Soll, Ph.D. of WuXi AppTec; and Chi-Huey Wong, Ph.D. of Scripps Research

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About DELopen

DELopen is a platform connecting industry and academic research institutions to promote realize effectivethe sharing of scientific research information and the protection of intellectual property. Through DELopenthis platform, researchers and institutions engaged in the development of new drugs with DEL technology can more quickly conduct early new drug development and push the results of early development to commercialization as soon as possible.

About WuXi AppTec

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