Social Media Body-Sculpting Superstar Damen Griffith Announces Limited Spots Available for New One-on-One Online and Coaching Mentorship Program — Includes Unlimited Text Messaging, Phone Calling and Facetime Support

LONGVIEW, Texas, Feb. 10, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Popular coaching personality Damen Griffith ( recently announced the creation of his individualized, one-on-one online coaching support program, now available for a limited number of clients. Having gained fame and the trusted support of over 25,000 clients and fans throughout his career, Damen’s upbeat, positive attitude and frequent successes have quickly propelled him into the fitness and life coaching spotlight. Damen created the new program to continue his commitment to offering his extensive coaching expertise for those who need it.

“Sure, we all want to look good,” said Damen Griffith. “But at the end of the day, I care most about helping people. I know how difficult it is to reach those personal weight goals, those sculpting goals — it’s a long road with a lot of major bumps and hurdles. The wrong exercises, the wrong meals, the wrong attitude, and even the surprises that life can throw you: all of these can totally derail a fitness plan — losing you countless hours of work, and draining away your confidence. That’s why you absolutely need a good coach. Someone who’s been through it; someone who can help you put together a personalized plan and stick with it. I’m a mentor who’ll be there whenever you need me: with texts, calls, whatever it takes to keep you on track.”

“Managing Your Foods for Your Goals” Free Guide

One of the pillars of any good exercise and body-sculpting regime is an excellent dieting and meal plan. As part of Damen’s one-on-one teaching, a great deal of consideration will be given to the importance of foods and liquids that are consumed. Damen has already put together a solid primer to begin orienting new clients into the process of thinking about their eating habits. That guide is also available to those with a general interest in healthy living.

“Managing Your Foods for Your Goals” includes information on how to eat for:

  • Extreme fat loss / weight loss.
  • Building lean muscle mass / fat burn.
  • Using revolutionary methods that have successfully produces results for 1000s of clients.
  • Breaking down the best proteins, carbs and fats to consume throughout the day, and the best times to eat specific foods.

While other detailed sections of the book focus on:

  • Protein: Everything clients need to know about the basic building block of muscle as it relates to burning fat and looking great.
  • Carbs: Learn the secret to complex carbs and their important role in keeping metabolism high, to help maintain muscle and energy levels.
  • Fats: Not all fats are bad. Healthy fats can help control hunger and are good for cholesterol levels and the heart.
  • Water: A look at the most important liquid needed for body health, regardless of body-sculpting and weight-loss goals.
  • Timing and Portions: Understanding the importance of food timing; avoid binge eating and learn portion control.

Everyone is welcome to sign up for a free copy of the guide HERE.  

Multiple 5-Star Reviews

Client reviews for Damen’s individualized coaching plans have always been overwhelmingly positive:

“The custom workout and meal plan he’s made for me has yielded amazing results: I’m in the military, on a meal card, but he still managed to make a meal plan out of my food choices that worked perfectly for me. Always a text message away whenever I had questions, he regularly checked up on me and my progress and added different workouts and changes, depending on how my fitness goals were coming along.” —ajxm09

“Definitely worth it! Damen is super flexible and a great coach! Creates meal plans and workouts to your body, and how you want to grow! Stays in touch and checks up regularly. 10 outta 10 recommended!” —noahaguillard1994

“The fact that Damen will work with anyone and everyone that is motivated to make a lifestyle change is amazing in itself. This is the first experience that I have had where the communication is so personal to my life, that even little changes when I cannot focus my full attention on the nutrition and workouts have still yielded results that I thought I’d never see….” —ryanjmiller421

Program Sign Up and Social Media

Because of Damen’s limited time, and the nature of the individual attention required, the new program is offered to only a select few individuals, and will fill up quickly. Damen encourages those interested to go online immediately to find out more.

Follow Damen Griffith’s personal goals and learn more about his programs on his extremely active social media accounts: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter.

Subscription service for 7/month to receive custom daily coaching and training and tips tricks strategy recipes coupons exclusives etc.

Free Body Type Tool with Actionable Value Immediately.

Digital Course: On-demand, One on one digital access DIY / DWY Fitness, Mindset, Nutrition, Lose fat build muscle, change your life course.

Application to work with Damen for Mentorship or Personal one on one program:

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Damen Griffith 

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