TeleSense Canada and PharmRight Announces Exclusive Canadian Partnership to offer Livi™ a Smart Medication Dispensing Solution

TORONTO, Nov. 26, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — TeleSense Canada Operator of the Ontario Medical Network is announcing a strategic and exclusive partnership with PharmRight to extend Livi™, the Smart Medication Dispensing system to patients nationwide.

Livi™ is designed for both patients and their caregivers. It simplifies managing multiple medications for patients while giving caregivers much needed support. The system is capable of simple to complex medication regimen, it can store up to 15 pills of different sizes and shapes, multiple times a day or as needed. It is a Smart solution that provides patients with needed support to remain compliant and independent.

Livi™ is truly unique and provides an amazing number of features that enables flexibility and customization:

  • Automatically dispenses a 90-day supply of up to 15 different pills
  • Dispenses up to 24 times a day, accommodating both scheduled and as-needed (PRN) medications.
  • Dispenses pills for portable travel packs for up to 14 days for extra independence
  • Sends text message or email alerts to caregivers when a dose is late or missed
  • Change or stop medication in real time from any web-based device
  • Provides medication adherence reports and analytics to help improve care
  • Livi™ is equipped with a wireless LTE Connection and monitored by TeleSense Canada Specialist Team.
  • Easy On-site onboarding, and training by a TeleSense Canada RN

Nonadherence an alarming trend: Depending on the conditions for which they are being treated, as many as 70 percent of Canadian patients are not taking their medications as directed by their physicians. These statistics are among the key findings of the Express Scripts Canada 2019 Prescription Drug Trend Report: Active Management Critical. While nonadherence is a problem for most patients regardless of their treatment needs, it hits patients who take more than one medication particularly hard. The more medications a patient requires, the less likely they are to follow their prescribed medication regimes. Data shows that 44% of patients who take one medication are nonadherent; 58% of patients who take two to three medications are nonadherent; 77% of patients who take four or more medications were deemed to be nonadherent to at least one of their treatments.

According to CAMH: Non-adherence to treatment with medication is a pressing and pervasive problem in the treatment of severe mental illness (SMI). Severe mental illness occurs at a rate of approximately 5% of the general Canadian population (Public Health Agency of Canada, 2012). Persons with SMI frequently do not take medications as prescribed (e.g., schizophrenia – 50% non-adherence rate commonly found). Non-adherence to medical treatment is due to a range of factors, including cognitive difficulties in areas of attention and memory, distraction and low energy levels due to psychiatric symptoms, a lack of supports to provide assistance, and reservations about taking some medications due to side effects. Difficulties with medication adherence present a major problem because, for most people with a severe mental illness, taking medication as prescribed is a key predictor of rehospitalization, community functioning, and quality of life. The individual, social, and economic costs of non-adherence are significant. Our Elderly population would greatly benefit from the technology.

“Patients nationwide can take advantage of the solution, as it fits perfectly with our telemedicine point of care platform, enabling a truly effective clinical care at home. Pharmacies can extend the solution to their patients and maintain a direct relationship while TeleSense Canada provides the monitoring, management and financing,” says Michael Haddad, President and CEO of TeleSense Canada.

Bill Park, President and CEO of PharmRight, said, “We are excited about our partnership with TeleSense Canada. As Our vision is to empower individuals to live more independently than ever before, while providing next generation tools to enable caregivers to provide better care.”

TeleSense Canada offers Livi™ as a Managed Service, while we can customize our solution for larger healthcare organizations.

Livi™ is a proven technology in helping users take their medications correctly, empowering them with greater independence, while giving their loved ones peace of mind.

About PharmRight Corporation

PharmRight Corporation was formed in 2013 to produce devices and offer services that help users manage complex medication regimens and age in place. The company has developed Livi™, an innovative, fully automated home medication dispensing system. A new entrant to telehealth, the Livi™ platform is an advanced, extremely reliable, and fully automated home medication dispenser managed by an intuitive cloud-based application making real time monitoring of medications quick and easy. Livi™ is designed to simulate the supervision of an on-site caregiver by prompting the user to take the right medication…at the right time…in the right quantity…with the right instructions. A cloud application monitors and captures all user interactions with the device. Family members and professional caregivers can be alerted via text message or e-mail if a user misses a dose or requires a re-fill. Comprehensive medication adherence reports are available via any web-enabled device.

About TeleSense Canada

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